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If you want to make a unique and original gift for a close or special person or to treat yourself, contact me without hesitation. Below you have a sample of different commissions that I have carried out throughout my career, I hope you enjoy them.

All the works will be delivered digitally, but any request can be adapted to sheets of different sizes, posters, mugs, aluminum sheets or beach bags.


Magic Portraits

They are special portraits where you can see them in a unique and magical way. Maybe you want to see yourself in Hogwarts castle performing a spell, like a Rohirrim from The Lord of the Rings, be a futuristic fantasy character… The limit is your imagination!


Magical Chibi Portraits

These cutest and funniest portraits with a chibi touch also know no limits, you can see yourself how you want and where you want. You just have to tell me your fantasy.



We always have nostalgic characters that we would like to see in a certain way or in a certain confrontation. Any combination is always possible if it is in your imagination.


Tattoo Design

I make tattoo designs according to the needs of the person (size, shape, color,…). The realization of the tattoo depends on your trusted tattoo artist.



Here I leave a small sample of other types of commissions that I have carried out, such as character design, posters, logos, isotypes, murals, photomontages,… among others. If you have a graphic image in mind that you would like to see manifested, contact me.

Check here the terms and conditions for orders.

Request an Assignment

If you want to make an order, remember to specify the details of it as much as possible and do not forget to review the Terms and Conditions section. Here is explained in great detail the procedure to follow to carry out the work and also remember that this does not apply to commissions of a commercial nature, such as a logo. This type of case will specify with the client the procedure to follow and its parts.