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This gallery is a small sample of work that I have done over time, you can also see more in the commissions section. Each work has its unique charm, therefore each work is treated individually and uniquely at the level of line and color. I have to admit that I always have a small predilection for traditional work.

Work performed

I have currently collaborated on various projects and done work for different people and publishers such as book covers, character designs, tattoos, comic pages, logos… and I have also worked for various entities such as ComicCan, Café Regina, Congelados Cárnicos Enro .

Pencil illustrations

Several of my illustrations are made with a digital finish or fully digital because it greatly reduces the work time. But whenever I can, I try to stop and work in a traditional way, especially the heart of the illustration, which is that first pencil step. Here you have the beginning of several drawings that I have made. Some will be shown also in color later. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.


This is the part that I like the most, the graphic novel, where I can convey various stories in a special way. Here I show some published pages of the comic in which I participated, along with other artists, entitled “The dawn of the shadows” edited by Nuevo nueve publishing house. The other exposed pages are samples with which I managed to have an interview with Marvel. I hope that in the future I will be able to draw for this incredible editorial.


There are always characters who, due to their heroism, mischief, appearance or any attribute that makes them stand out for us, have marked us. Here I show several of those characters that I have always liked, giving them a personal touch. Some of them I was lucky enough to do in collaboration with other very good artists.

Golden Saints

If there is a manga/anime that has always been kept in my heart since I saw it as a child, it is “Saint Seiya” or better known in Spain as “Los caballeros del Zodiaco”. Here I make a tribute illustrating the 12 Golden Knights of the zodiac. Soon you will be able to see them in full color.


I have always loved the Halloween theme, so it occurred to me in 2017 to start a series where every year, with a different theme, I make an illustration in pencil (because I really enjoy traditional work) and in this way also see my evolution over time.