About RGV

Raúl García Vega

        My name is Raul García. I am an illustrator based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
From a young age I displayed a passion for drawing and the creative arts; so, when I got the chance to draft my own career path I set my sights on the "Escuela Superior de Arte y Diseño de Gran Canaria”(Advanced Art and Design School from Gran Canaria) where I studied Illustration and graphical arts: after that I continued to develop my craft through the “Escola Josso” in Barcelona, during this stage I was able to increase my knowledge of the technical aspects of my work, developed my now “style" and deepen my understanding of the Industry.

         Art is an always evolving medium and to this date I still attend course and workshops to refine my abilities and broaden my scope:

Graphic Narrative by Nacho Arranz (Creator of Les champions d´Albion).
Art Graffic in the Joso School of Barcelona.
Illustration in the Art school of Gran Canaria.