About RGV

Raúl García Vega

        My name is Raul García. I am an illustrator from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. From when I was a child I have always being passionate about drawing. So, when I first decided my own path in life I chose to educate myself in the Escuela Superior de Arte y Diseño de Gran Canaria (Superior Art and Design School from Gran Canaria) studying illustration. This was a first approach to professional drawing and I really liked it. Once I finished this first stage I felt the necessity of continuing to progress. Therefore, I went to Barcelona do to keep learning in Escola Joso studying Art Gràffic (Graphic Art). In this period, I was able to deepen my knowledge and artistic abilities searching for an own style.

            At the same time, I have attended a course specialized in graphic narrative, given by Nacho Arranz. Professional drawing is a life searching, what means our training is a life long one. That is why I keep acquiring knowledge.